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10:00am   —   Sunday Worship Service

Come, be refreshed and renewed. Sunday worship at Immanuel will leave you strengthened and ready to face life’s hardships. We pray, read, listen, sing, and celebrate with “enthusiastic affirmation” God’s bountiful gift of Life through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Come and experience the peace and joy of God’s creation.

The Easter Season

The Easter theme of new life follows naturally from the Lenten mystery of the tomb that is transformed into a womb. What has been hidden and unseen in the season of Lent blooms forth, and the beauty of new growth reverberates in the natural world throughout the northern hemisphere. The Easter light is not a sudden departure from the darkness of Lent, but rather an awakening: recognizing and naming what is already present but has been unseen (see especially readings from Acts for Easter 2 and Easter 6). The celebration of light at Easter should take care to honor that sacred work that has been happening in the darkness, bringing together the various experiences in the unity of the whole.

The sacramental imagery that we have explored throughout Lent and the Three Days now shifts from the worship space to the world as the community is called to become what we have received: the body of Christ, broken yet restored for the sake of the world. “The body of Christ” has taken shape as the physical manifestation of Jesus’ life, through the cross and resurrection, to the sacrament of communion. The honor and responsibility of being the body of Christ is passed on to the church through the transforming power of the Holy Spirt to do God’s work with our hands.