Pledging and Giving

Steward is a biblical term that refers to a one who is responsible for the goods and property of another. Stewardship is a term that refers to the responsibility of a steward to manage wisely.

Stewardship has come to be used in the Christian community in a broader sense for our responsibility to manage wisely the goods and property that are in our possession. The assumption is that we do not really possess or own anything. Rather, the world, including us, belongs to God, and it is arrogant for humans to think otherwise. Therefore, we are not owners but stewards of all that comes into our arena of responsibility—income, assets, property, goods, time, talents, and our very selves. Religious stewardship is management as sacred trust.

Simple Giving

Cash or Check: You may place your cash or check in the offering plate during any of our worship services, or simply mail your gift to Immanuel Lutheran Church, or by dropping it off at the church office to deliver your offering. Offering envelopes may be found in the pew holders or in the Narthex. If you would like offering envelopes, contact Michele Thomas at or call (510) 523-0659.

Online Giving

Direct Online Bank Transfer: This is an easy and effective way to regularly give through your checking account online. Make a request with your bank to have regular payments of any amount be made to Immanuel Lutheran Church as often as you desire. Then contact the church office at (510) 523-0653 to inform Michele Thomas, treasurer, that the payment transaction has been setup.

Direct Online PayPal Payment: This option is another way to safely and securely give through your checking, savings, or credit card accounts online with a simple PayPal transaction. Simply click on the PayPal button below and follow the instructions to send any amount at any time safely to Immanuel Lutheran Church. The time, date and amount of your payment be noted on Immanuel’s PayPal account and sent to you for your tax records.

PayPal – The safer, easier way to donate or pay online!

A Good Steward

Please consider becoming a ‘good steward’ and give and pledge generously as much as you can, when you can. Pledge forms and envelopes may be obtained from the church office. Please call the church office at (510) 523-0653 and leave a message for Ruth Dow or Michele Thomas, or send your request to the church by email at By giving generously, you will be on the road to a healthy spiritual relationship with your surrounding community and the greater world.