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Prayer of the Day

O God, by the passion of your blessed Son you made an instrument of shameful death to be for us the means of life. Grant us so to glory in the cross of Christ that we may gladly suffer shame and loss for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

Second Sunday in Lent Zoom Worship Service, February 28, 2021: Please join Immanuel in a Zoom Worship Service this morning. You can follow the service as we worship together online, or by simply printing it out. The service text and ZOOM access link may be found HERE. Vicar Diana Washington will lead our Service of the Word this morning. Join us..! All are welcome.

Worship Planning and Streaming: The Liturgy Committee met and suggests these actions: Immanuel will have communion on varying Sundays led by Pastor John Swanson and Pastor Paul Theiss. Zoom and streaming worship services will include music and hymns in the future. Diana (pronounced Dinah) Washington, a PLTS seminary student working on her M. Div degree, will join in the rotation to provide leadership and devotions when a pastor is not available. We will reach out to members who may need help to join us on Zoom. Contact Terry or Ruth for more information. Please let us know how you feel about this proposed schedule.

Transition/Call Committee: More members of the congregation are needed on the Call Committee to proceed with the steps to call a new pastor. If you would like to be part of this committee, please let Andrew Thomas, Council president, or any member of the council, know. Input from the congregation is essential to the process. More details to follow. 

Annual Congregational Meeting, February 14, 2021: At the annual meeting we elected Church Council officers. Judy Blank joined as a Member-at-Large and Michele Thomas volunteered to help with duties of the Secretary. The congregation approved the 2021 budget, and a very good offer that was made by a potential buyer for the parsonage. It also voted to simplify our name to Immanuel Lutheran Church on our tax ID number.

All congregation members are welcome at Council meetings:  held the first Thursday of the month on Zoom at 7PM. Call or email the church office to get the Zoom link to meetings.

Outreach Ministry to the Homeless:    Thanks to all who helped with our Feb. 22nd Dine & Connect meal. We had 33 walk-up clients and served over 85 meals. Immanuel Lutheran Church, in conjunction with the Dine & Connect Work Group, which consists of organizations like Building Futures, Operation Dignity, the greater Alameda Faith Community, and the City of Alameda, will be hosting monthly dinners for the homeless here in Alameda. The dinners are free and occur on the last Monday of the month here from the ILC Parish Hall. All dinners are dinners-to-go due to Covid-19 protocols. Our next dinner will be held tomorrow on, Monday, March 29th from 4 – 6pm. A limited number volunteers will be needed in all categories of hospitality from food prep to recycling & cleanup. Contact Terry for more information. There is a wonderful article in this weeks Synod Newsletter under Church Together found HERE. It is hoped and prayed for that this much needed ministry will be a small but important step in helping feed those who are hungry and unsheltered.

Congregation Concerns:  It is important that our offerings continue to support our going forward. Please send your donations to the church, 1910 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501, or drop them in the mail slot to the right of the metal gate on Santa Clara Ave. For your safety, stay home as much as possible, wear a mask, watch your physical distance, wash your hands, and most importantly, stay well. 

New Pastor Update:  The Church Council had a Zoom interview with a candidate for interim pastor who is available to start soon. You will be kept informed as the process moves forward.


Church Council Members for 2021
President                     Andrew Thomas
Vice President             Deanna Johe
Secretary                     Michele Thomas
Treasurer                    Chris Fetzer
Financial Secretary    Jane Sullwold
Member at Large         Ruth Dow (Outreach & Social Ministry)
Member at Large         Chris Kanbergs
Member at Large         Judy Blank Member at Large open (Property Oversight)

Church Council openings were prayerfully offered and considered by the assembly. The following position of Property Oversight Council Member-at-large still remains open. If there is any member who thinks that they can fill this important Council position, please let Andrew know as soon as possible. The monthly Council meetings are generally 1 to 1-1/2 hours in length. The positions are for a two-year commitment.

Church Property Maintenance Needs: Due to the coronavirus Immanuel has not held a work day, but some projects can be done by someone working alone. Let a Council member know if you would like to take on one of these:

  • 1. Door closer in the office needs repair;
  • 2. Clean out gutters;
  • 3. Repaint kitchen door to outside;
  • 4. Sand, refinish a few kitchen cabinet doors in poor condition;
  • 5. Remove weeds behind kitchen/parish hall and neighbor with weed whacker;
  • 6. Fix women’s bathroom drain;
  • 7. Repair toilet seal leak in the Parish Hall men’s bathroom;
  • 8. Add “Private Property” signs per insurance company suggestion;
  • 9. Paint over Korean church sign on Santa Clara..

Parsonage Update:    The sale of the parsonage is proceeding with a closing date of about March 13, 2021. To see pictures of the parsonage, go online to 1906 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda.

Election Process for our new Bishop: In fall 2019, each of the nine Conferences of the Sierra Pacific Synod held a gathering where it invited congregations and individuals within the conference to suggest names of those eligible persons on the clergy roster of the ELCA whom they believe to have the gifts and graces necessary for holding the office of bishop. Each Conference could put forward up to five names, and a total of twenty-eight names were brought forward to the Synod Nominating Committee. (Some names were put forward by more than one Conference.) The Nominating Committee contacted these individuals to ascertain their interest and willingness in having their name put forward as potential nominees for the bishop election. The pre-identification at the Conference gatherings was not a nomination process. Click HERE for more information.

Food Bank Sunday:    Immanuel regularly celebrates Food Bank Sunday on the first Sunday of every month. The Alameda Food Bank (AFB) has suspended community food donations, but will continue to receive any monetary donations for those in need. Please feel free to make a contribution to the Alameda Food Bank.

Visionary Team Meeting:    will next briefly via an on-line conference call  on a date yet to be determined. Your ideas, thoughts, and prayers for the future of our parish are always welcomed, so please stay tuned for future notices in these announcements. And by all means, consider joining us in this incredible ministry. All are invited to participate.

Church Council:    will try to meet on a monthly. Meetings to be randomly set by the council members. Anyone who is interested in the business side of the church is invited to call or email one of our council members. All are welcome to stay in touch.

Ladies Aid:    generally meets on the third Sunday of every month. Due to current health concerns the next meeting will held as usual on Zoom after worship on November 15th. Join our ZOOM Service of the Word service today found HERE, or contact a member for instructions if you would like to join in the meeting.

Mens Group:    regularly meets on the 1st Saturday of every month at 10am at Marti’s Place, 1905-1/2 Encinal Ave. near Lafayette for fellowship and a little pastoral “checking in”. Our meetings have, of course, been suspended until after the health crisis. Our next gathering will be on December 5th on ZOOM. Watch for the reminder in your email. Hope you can make it. All men of the church are always welcome.

Worship and Music:    regularly meets on the 2nd Sunday of the month after Coffee Hour. Because of the recent COVID-19 health concerns the team will suspend any further meetings until the health crisis is over (God willing). Please feel free to join us at that time. All are welcome.

Son-Light PreSchool Advisory Team:    generally meets on Fridays. The next meetings will start up again after the health crisis is over. We meet in the Helen Room. All are welcome.

Son-Light PreSchool Teachers:    We pray for all of our teachers who have been laid off – Preschool Director Yvonne Brewer, Teachers Jean Benge,  Elaine Nye, and Monice Pernell. For the children & their families in our preschool program. Please keep them in your prayers

Organ Repair:   Thanks to all who donated to the first phase of our Werner Bosch, Opus 353 organ repair. Pledges and donations for the remaining 4 phases will still be graciously accepted. This wonderful instrument was donated and installed in 1965 by the Roth family for just under $85,000. To replace an instrument of this caliber and quality in today’s market would be significantly over $500,000. For further information, please talk to our Music Director, Terry O’Connor, or any Council member.

Immanuel Choir Sunday:    Immanuel regularly celebrates Choir Sunday on the last Sunday of every month and on the major Feast Days such as Easter & Christmas. Anyone who wishes to sing, or learn how to sing and read music, or play an instrument is encouraged to join. There are no auditions – simply a desire to sing or play music. We gather to warm-up at 9am, then sing for worship. Since worship services have been cancelled due to current health concerns, Choir Sunday won’t be held until further notice. However, if you’re interested, please contact Terry O’Connor, our Music Director, or email him anytime at

Recycling Program Change:   Recycling will be available by volunteer Walter McQuesten, 510-521-1356 with these requests. Plastic: CRV, empty and without lids; Aluminum: empty and bent, smashed or flattened; Glass bottles: clean and boxed. It’s good to recycle. Thank you for helping to cut down on landfill and help our planet.

Church Office Hours:   staffed by volunteers has been suspended. New hours have yet to be determined. If you need assistance, please call the office at (510) 523-0659 anytime and leave a message for staff or for our Council President, Andrew Thomas.

Coffee Hour and Altar Flowers:    Sign-up charts for Coffee Hour and Flowers has been suspended for 2021.

Last Sunday:    Attendance: +++    AFB Food Distribution : +++ lbs.

Prayer List:   Marsha Barta (Adeline’s daughter), Joyce Bryan, Cheryl Bess, Scott, Cameron, Clementine Jackson,  Gina Grossi, Erika Wiesmann, Ann Miller Taylor, Claudia Hunter Larsen, Don and Barbara Wilson, Roy and Marcia Goldt, Marty Cosgriff, Michelle (Chris Kanbergs daughter), Nathan Gould, Shirley Lustig, Linda Glasenapp, Andrei McQuesten, Charlotte Berndt, Cecilia Maldonado, Tulio (ILC custodian who’s recovering from surgery), Tiffany Buchner on the death of her husband Eric Marston, the family of Steven Bennis of Alaska, all who are suffering in any way from the COVID-19 pandemic, Pastor Dot and Bill as they settle into their new home in Maryland, Margaret Boehler, Gottfried who is home from the rehab, and those effected by COVID-19 – Health care professionals, other essential workers, Grace Hofmann with Covid-19, God’s protection for David Powell who is in hospice, and the family and friends of those who have died during this pandemic, Jill Simmons on the death of her son, Pastor Dot and Bill, God’s protection for Cameron, Chuck and Peggy’s son Charlie undergoing cancer treatments, Bob Hofmann recovering from back surgery, healing for Dylan, Sarah, Cassady and Eva (Pastor Dot and Bill’s family) who have Covid-19, healing for Helene Rabe with cancer, and healing for Jim Franz who is recovering from surgery.

(Please call the church office to leave updates to the Prayer List)


“So do not fear,for I am with you; do not be dismayed , for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10

God remains close and grace always abounds.  We have only to reach out to God through prayer and to one another via chats, Facebook, phone calls, texts.

I invite you to use some of this time to spend time with God as we wait this virus out.  Spend time in prayer.  Talking with God.  Renewing the one relationship that will see you through.  And then remember, as you might be tempted to grab up all the toilet paper, that God loves your neighbor, too.   Leave supplies for others.  Spend time in prayer for them.  We all need each other.  We all need God.  We will make it through this time together.