Project Ghana – Restoring a Village Preschool

ILC has helped to organize funding and will be traveling to Ghana to help restore the preschool facilities at the Nyakekye orphanage this Spring. In 2017, over $2,500 was raised by the Immanuel community, including over $100 from our own Son-Light Pre-Schoolers who collected loose change to help the children in Ghana.

Project El Salvadore – Needed Supplies

Crece Project

CRECE stands for the Central American Refugee Committee and has been working to raise support for communities in El Salvador and in the United States for a number of years. A delegation from this area will visit communities in El Salvador from July-August  with Tulio Serrano, ILC church custodian, as one of the leaders of the delegation and one of the founders and a board director of CRECE itself. The purpose of the delegation will be to take donations such as: medicine, school materials, sporting materials, clothes, and shoes to some of the neediest of people.


Alameda Food Bank

The Food Bank Comes to Immanuel in August.  We will be hosting the Alameda Food Bank Tuesday grocery distribution in the Parish Hall Tuesdays during the month of August from 8:30-10:30 AM. URGENT NEED for volunteers to help out due to vacations of usual volunteers. Contact the church office, 523-0659 if you can help.