Message & Update from Pastor Dot

Pastor Dot sent an email to the Church Council on Wednesday morning, April 29th which she wanted shared with the congregation. They left Alameda about 1:30 PM Monday. She has since emailed that she was leaving Albuquerque on Thursday morning heading to Amarillo, Tx.

Good morning,
     First, Thank you for the gifts (monetary, picture, card, but most of all your friendship and hearts) on the day of my Farewell Party.  I have never been or felt so blessed.  Bill, I, and my family were totally blessed to have been a part of the ILC family and to have lived in the parsonage.  You all will always be a part of our hearts and my prayers.   Please pass this on to the congregation.
     Secondly, I want to apologize again for the state I had to leave the parsonage in.  I was not able to finish cleaning as thoroughly as I wanted nor did I want to leave all the trash bins full.   I ran out of time. Please forgive me and let me know who/what to pay for finishing the job for me.
     Thirdly, we are going a little slower than anticipated.  I have found that our older bodies can’t take as many miles on the road as when we were younger😏.  There is also the problem of no restrooms open due to COVID 19.  It has been an interesting journey so far that way.  In some ways, I envy our dog.   This morning, we are leaving Kingman, Arizona, and hope to make Albuquerque by night fall.  Then it will be time to plan our out how to fit in between storms as we make our way to Oklahoma City. 
     Lastly, my heart is full with love and thoughts of all of you.  I know that together you will keep going and ILC will make it.  You are all in my prayers always.
     New address:  601 Village Grove Dr., Unit 301, Frederick, MD 21703.  My phone number and e-mail remain the same, however, going forward please use: as I will be signing off of to make that available to your next pastor.  Please pass this on to the congregation, too.

Blessings from the road,
Pastor Dot

Pastor Dot Update: Pastor Dot emailed the Council saying she and Bill have finished their 14 days of self-quarantine after arriving in Maryland. They are well, have unpacked and settled in.