Parish Announcements

Prayer of the Day

God among us, we gather in the name of your Son to learn love for one another. Keep our feet from evil paths. Turn our minds to your wisdom and our hearts to the grace revealed in your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.   Amen.

Sunday School:    meets at 10 AM in the preschool room. Sunday School Teachers and Parents – If you are still interested in teaching and/or helping, Contact Pastor Dot or Andrew Thomas.

Start up of Youth Group and Confirmation :    is continuing to progress. Maggie Kerr is helping with organizing and planning to begin the Youth Group in late August or early September. More information to come.

Moxie Strings Concert:    this Wednesday, September 25th, at 7:30pm. Join us for a fun evening to raise funds for Immanuel’s historic sanctuary. Moxie Strings is a high energy female duo playing contemporary music. Come and join the fun.

Work Day:   this Saturday, September 28th, 10AM-2PM. Help us get our grounds and church areas ready for Oktoberfest. Bring gloves and garden tools.

Oktoberfest:   Saturday, October 5th, 4-8PM. The fun will include dinner, beer and wine, music, dancing, silent auction, and activities for children. Tickets: Adults $25, Children $10 are available at the office, after church or from

Donations for Oktoberfest:    We will again have a silent auction and are in need of donations. See the insert for ideas and to donate items.

Outreach Ministry to the Homeless:    Immanuel Lutheran Church, in conjunction with the Dine & Connect Work Group, which consists of organizations like Building Futures, Operation Dignity, the greater Alameda Faith Community, and the City of Alameda, will be hosting monthly dinners for the homeless here in Alameda. The dinners are free and will occur on the last Monday of the month here in the ILC Parish Hall. The next dinner will be held on Monday, September 30th from 5-7pm. Volunteers will be needed in all categories of hospitality from food prep to recycling. Contact Terry for more information. It is hoped and prayed for that this much needed ministry will be a small but important step in helping feed those who are hungry and unsheltered. Special Recognition of Immanuel’s Role in Dine and Connect: See the Proclamation of Gratitude from the City of Alameda on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall.

Food Bank Sunday:    Immanuel regularly celebrates Food Bank Sunday on the first Sunday of every month. The Alameda Food Bank (AFB) needs and appreciates your non-perishable (soups, caned tuna and chicken, beans, pasta, etc.) and monetary donations for those in need. Food donations are always accepted at any time here at Immanuel. Please feel free to bring and place your donation in basket at the foot of the altar, or in the food collection baskets in the Narthex.

Mens Group:    regularly meets on the 1st Saturday of every month at 10am at Marti’s Place, 1905-1/2 Encinal Ave. near Lafayette for fellowship and a little pastoral “checking in”. If you missed this months meeting, but would still like to see what this all about, our next gathering will be on October 5th. Hope you can make it. The food is great, and of course all men are always welcome.

Ladies Aid:   generally meets on the third Sunday of every month after Coffee Hour in the Helen Room. We will meet today, October 20th. Plans for the rest of the year will be discussed. Please join us. All are welcome.

Immanuel Choir Sunday’s Resume this month:    Immanuel generally celebrates Choir Sunday on the last Sunday of every month and on the major Feast Days such as Easter & Christmas. Anyone who wishes to sing, or learn how to sing and read music, or play an instrument is encouraged to join. There are no auditions – simply a desire to sing or play music. We gather to warm-up at 9am, then sing for worship. The choir comes off of a summer break this month, rested and refreshed. Choir Sunday’s will resume again on Sunday, September 29th. If you’re interested, please contact Terry O’Connor, our Music Director, or email him anytime at

Visionary Team Meets Next Week:    Regular meetings have been moved to the last Sunday of every month after Coffee Hour. A special meeting was held on September, 8th to discuss the Moxie String concert. Our next regular meeting will be on October 6th to debrief the concert and other pending activities in the Helen Room. Your ideas, thoughts, and prayers are always welcomed, so please also consider joining us for this incredible ministry.All are invited to participate.

Thank You Received:    Thank you to all who made pocket prayer shawls and wraps. San Francisco Night Ministry received a number of these and thanks Immanuel for our support of their ministry.

Church Council:   next meets Thurs., October 10th at 7pm. Anyone who is interested in the business side of the church is invited to attend. Visitors may have voice but no vote, but your input is valuable as we are church together. All are welcome.

Worship and Music:   on its regularly meeting day, the 2nd Sunday of the month after Coffee Hour to hold our usual discussion of music and liturgy, and to choose hymns for the next month. The team next meets on October 13th in the Helen Room. Please join us. All are welcome.

Son-Light PreSchool Advisory Team:    will meet Friday, October 4th at 4:00pm in the Helen Room. All are welcome.

Son-Light PreSchool Teachers:    We welcome our new teacher, Monice Pernell, who will be working along with Preschool Director Yvonne Brewer, Teachers Jean Benge,  and Elaine Nye for the children in our preschool program. Please keep them in your prayers

Organ Repair:   Thanks to all who donated to the first phase of our Werner Bosch, Opus 353 organ repair. Pledges and donations for the remaining 4 phases will still be graciously accepted. This wonderful instrument was donated and installed in 1965 by the Roth family for just under $85,000. To replace an instrument of this caliber and quality in today’s market would be significantly over $500,000. For further information, please talk to our Music Director, Terry O’Connor, or any Council member.

Recycling Program:   Immanuel is trying to be  “greener” and has recycling bins in the kitchen, Parish Hall, and other rooms. Please be careful in throwing out trash. See signs on containers as you throw away items. Thank you for helping to cut down on landfill and help our planet.

Fundraising Recycling Change:   Plastic containers are no longer accepted for recycling. We still accept aluminum beverage containers and glass bottles. Please clean,  crush, and bag aluminum containers. Bring items to the Parish Hall to help our planet and raises funds for our church. Glass should be carefully bagged or in boxes to avoid breakage.

Church Office Hours:   staffed by volunteers  Wed. from 9am-Noon and Fri. from 10am-1pm. Pastor Dot is in the office on Wednesday & Fridays from 9-noon and Sundays after service. You can call or text her at (510) 516-5456 to arrange other times.

Coffee Hour and Altar Flowers:    Sign-up charts for Coffee Hour and Flowers have once again been posted in the Parish Hall for 2019. If you would like to bring flowers for the altar or to host coffee hour.

Last Sunday:    Attendance: 39      AFB Food Distribution (August): 3.7 lbs.

Prayer List:   Marsha Barta (Adeline’s daughter), Adeline Peters, Joyce Bryan, Cheryl Bess, Scott, Cameron, George Peterson, Adeline Peters, Clementine Jackson,  Gina Grossi, Erika Wiesmann, Ann Miller Taylor, Lenora, Lovely, Larry , Claudia Hunter Larsen, Don & Barbara Wilson, Marion Yeaw, Roy and Marcia Goldt, Marty Cosgriff, Kelly, Michelle (Chris Kanbergs daughter), Nathan Gould, Shirley Lustig, Linda Glasenapp, Andrei McQuesten, Charlotte Berndt, the family and friends of Dee Rauch, Wallie Steinorth (in hospice) and family, the family and friends of Marion Yeaw.

(Please call the church office to leave updates to the Prayer List)